The Tech Advantage

Here at Tech Labels we have built our company around market leading coating capabilities as we are one of the few vertically integrated pressure sensitive label converting operations in North America. Through our emulsion based coating lines we offer our customers a wide range of products as well as product development and customization at competitive prices.

In our traditional market place, label converters rely on a few pressure sensitive suppliers for their base material from which they print and die cut labels. This process forces our competitors to supply their customers with standard products for all applications and rely on these few companies for product development, market direction and material costs. Our model enables us to dial our products into our customers’ specific applications. We create product specifications based our customers’ demands and do not have offer them an off- the- shelf material. We understand that every custom application is unique and we strive to help our customers develop specific products that meet their application requirements.

In addition to being able to customize our products to our customers’ requirements, we are working hard every day researching new products, new potential suppliers and always finding ways to help our customers reduce costs.

If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.” – Jack Welch